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Song Writing

Our team of songwriters have been in the industry for 30 years. We will help you achieve your full potential through critique, arranging, composing and production. If you want to be part of the MP Music House writing team your songs will have the opportunity to be tweaked and demoed to be pitch ready.

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Get your songs licensed and ready to be pitched for television, movies and major artists. We pick songs every 6-8 weeks to record at the legendary studio “The Tracking Room”. Our sessions are produced by Buddy Hyatt.

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About MP Music House.

Dan Marshall, Tom Petrone — CEOs MP Music House

MP Music House is a growing music production company consisting of 3 top notch songwriter / producers. Dan Marshall and Tom Petrone. Dan and Tom are proud to announce the recent signing of Dan Pellarin. We have and continue to collaborate on many great songs and production projects. Some samples can be seen throughout this site. As a team we are experts in production, song writing and development.

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